10 weird things found in storage units


Storage unit auctions took off with the Storage Wars TV show. Of course, there were so many weird and crazy things that were shown on Storage Wars, but growing up in a family business that relied on storage unit content and real estate sales, I saw the reality of this business model. .

Here are the top 10 weird and wobbly things found in the actual storage units of a small, conservative Oregon community. For every weird and bizarre object you discover, you’ll find a dozen units of everyday garbage and household items. So, let’s move on to the fun.

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ten Pets and human remains – usually cremated

Phoenix woman finds urn inside auction storage unit

Time goes by and everyone dies, but it’s tragic to know that your grandmother’s last resting place is a storage unit your aunt forgot to pay for. Spot the Dog isn’t doing so well either. Unfortunately, when someone buys this storage unit and has to sweep Grandma off the dusty floor, there is no obligation to return the leftovers to the previous tenant. The occurrence of finding the dead in units is much more frequent than it should be.

In such cases, most buyers stay in touch with storage management and are able to get the last known contact details of the previous tenant. Most do their best to return remains, vital documents, sentimental photos and keepsakes to the family. When buyers cannot contact the family, they often leave the box full of physical documents at the management and spread the ashes to a public park, river, forest or other acceptable place nearby so the body can be with them. nature.[1]

9 Drug paraphenalia

I bought the storage unit from a drug dealer and found drugs I bought an abandoned Storage Wars storage unit

It’s not as rare as you might think; however, until 2016, the possession and use of bongs and other marijuana accessories were considered illegal in most states. In one case, a buyer found a 2 meter long (6.5 foot) PVC bong with a laminated pot leaf glued to the stem and a beautiful blown glass bong. In addition, there were several hand pipes hidden in a box of books in one unit.

While marijuana props were easier to manage, finding a full methamphetamine lab in the back of a unit can place considerable stress on buyers and local law enforcement. It’s not often that you find out the story that explains why the unit was lost. In this case, the person renting the unit was arrested for drug possession, and when he could not pay, we bought the unit. Police were able to use the unit’s content to add “manufacture with intent to sell” to their rap sheet.[2]

8 Leather Daddy’s Midlife Crisis

FOUND KINKY TOY BAG Purchased Abandoned Storage Unit Locker / Opening Storage Wars Mystery Boxes

No shame. Most people in small towns are vanilla white bread when it comes to sexual deviance. Even strip clubs are tame. When a family of buyers found the entire collection of an evil leather daddy’s lifestyle dungeon, conservative buyers were mortified.

The funniest part about this kind of find is the uncomfortable panic and panic every time shoppers discover a new photo, new toy, or new leather whip. Finding a place to safely dispose of this type of equipment can make people very uncomfortable. We’re sure the dump guys had some interesting questions.[3]

seven 1965 Ford Mustang — Near Mint Condition — With title in glove box

Storage Hunters UK – Delorean won

That’s right, buried in boxes of old clothes, books and random furniture, buyers of this unit discovered a 1965 Ford Mustang in near-new condition. The best part, tucked away in the glove compartment, between the maintenance receipts and an old packet of cigarettes, the signed title was in an indescribable envelope.

The family ended up driving the old car out of the unit with no more than a few gallons of fresh fuel and a quick start. It was a beautiful shade of pearl blue, with a deep red interior. There was only one or two parts to replace. This car made people watch. He participated in countless parades and car shows in the mid-2000s in this community.[4]

6 Milk crate of uncirculated coins

$ 8,400.00 STORAGE! COLLECTION OF COINS IN THE FIRST BOX ~ I bought an abandoned storage unit ~ STORAGE WARS

There is a stereotype that hoarders collect random items from cans, and buyers of storage units have seen doozies. One of the best collections that an amateur buyer would ever find in a unit was a milk crate full of tins of metal coffee and cookies. Inside the coffee tin was a collection of uncirculated collector coins. Among the cans in the crate were also cans full to the brim with quarters and dimes, cans of coffee and soup cans full of quarters and pennies, and bottles of milk. glass full of nickel.

The buyer’s family was able to pay for a trip to Reno, NV, to see a coin and collectible show using funds from the collection of regular coins at the local bank. Fake stamps and blanks are popular collectable coins for beginners, but best of all are super rare coins that have never made it to the public market.[5]

5 Guns, a lot of them

Storage unit abandoned by owner brings SHOTGUNS

It’s not uncommon to see guns on people’s hips, in the racks of their trucks, or even to find family heirloom rifles at estate sales. The only thing people in the storage unit industry dread is finding a gun or gun cache that all have to go through the local police department’s gun registry.

In some cases, it turns out that the weapons found have been used in crimes and must be abandoned as evidence. In some cases, you may be able to recover these firearms once the case is closed. In other cases, you will need to seek financial compensation for the lost weapon.

By far the most valuable guns to find in storage lockers are genuine antique guns. A family in Oregon found an actual Civil War-era Henry repeating rifle in a unit. It was then sold to a member of the historical society who was able to restore it and safely demonstrate the process of loading and shooting to passers-by at events.[6]

4 The complete inventory of a general dollar

I bought an ENTIRE EBAY BUSINESS at the U-haul storage auction. This locker is packed with inventory

With storage unit auctions, seeing large stacks of sealed boxes is a gamble. For many, it’s a fun bet. Like Christmas morning every day until you deal with them all. One year in the early 2000s, a family purchased a stacked floor-to-ceiling unit with uniform, fully sealed cardboard boxes. No external mark or any indication of their content could be found.

When they opened the boxes, they discovered that the unit contained all the inventory of a Dollar General type store that failed before entering a place to settle. The city in which this unit was purchased did not have a dollar store for six or seven years.[7]

3 Terrifying Collections of Cabbage Patch Dolls (and other creepy doll figures)

CREEPY LOCKER filled with SPOOKY DOLLS I bought from the abandoned storage auction

Shortly after eBay was formed in 1995, storage auction participants began selling their finds on the platform in one of the Internet’s earliest forms of independent e-commerce. In the 2000s, a family found 15 boxes of Cabbage Patch dolls and half a dozen other spooky porcelain dolls.

Back in those days, used Cabbage Patch Kids in good condition were selling for between $ 15 and $ 25 each. While a few rare and still sealed dolls could fetch over $ 75-125 for the right buyer. When this family found the dolls, they were able to jump at the start of a big push for vintage dolls and come all the way from this spooky storage find.[8]

2 ATVs, motorcycles and a stolen Wave Runner, oh my god!

I found 3 motorcycles in an abandoned storage unit !!!

Still wondering if the reason for the loss of the unit is because the person asked someone to take care of the unit while they were away, for some reason, but didn’t tell them what was there stored.

Some lucky shoppers have found Harley Davidson motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, sand rails, or dune buggies. A family of buyers were even able to help local police solve a failed theft case. The stolen Wave Runner Jet Ski was discovered in a unit filled to the brim with old clothes, trash and other debris from the previous renter’s life.

When you sign the storage contract, they specifically ask you to refrain from storing dangerous chemicals and motor vehicles, so it’s surprising how often you’ll find someone’s outdoor toys collecting the dust in a unit. [9]

1 Strange collections

We bought a zoo !!! We opened an abandoned storage unit (Taxidermy Unit)

Stamps, cards, buttons, vintage medical equipment, biological specimens and taxidermy animals.

Some collections are quite normal, and we have found them. Stamps in Philatelic Collections are a great example of a collection that is fun to browse but not to keep. Another fabulous example is cartophile units, which sometimes contain huge selections of sports cards and other collectible cards. These are pretty typical to find.

These are the collections of taxidermy animals – the strangest, the best – and vintage medical equipment that many people often love to find in units, thrift stores, and estate sales. Most shoppers have seen more than a handful of these original ghoulish finds: preserved raccoons, owls, alligators, bobcats, and squirrels. Most of them are sold or donated to culture and history museums for their local wildlife exhibits.[10]

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