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The economic situation in Germany currently looks very good. Even if the rest of Europe is shaken by the euro crisis, Germany can still look to a stable labor market. Nevertheless, there are many people in this country who suffer from poverty. There are still 3 million unemployed in Germany, and there are also many Hartz IV recipients.

It is logical that these people cannot afford everything, but it is threatening that things necessary for life are also not affordable. This includes, for example, a new heater or an urgently needed car. This is a real problem because these people are cut off from society one by one. Fortunately, nowadays there are ways in which these people can access everyday life, namely with an instant loan with a guarantor. How this banking business works is described in more detail below.

Loan guarantees – unfortunately not available

Loan guarantees - unfortunately not available

A credit check is usually carried out by the bank for each loan, this is to ensure that the applicant can pay off the monthly installments. Unfortunately, there are more and more people with financial difficulties who cannot rely on the urgently needed creditworthiness, especially during a credit check. Proof of income is such a typical security that banks require when performing a credit check. But other possessions such as shares or real estate are also potential collateral for credit institutions.

In the case of an instant loan with guarantors, however, these collateral are not available, so it is very difficult to grant the loan without outside help. Therefore, a guarantor must be consulted in the special case. In the case of a guarantor, the collateral is passed on to another person. The guarantor is a friend or acquaintance of the borrower and takes over the borrower’s position in the event of any payment difficulties. Specifically, this means that he has to vouch for the repayment of the installments. The conditions u. Framework conditions for an instant loan discussed with guarantors.

A loan as an opportunity

A loan as an opportunity

The maximum loan amount to be granted for an instant loan with a guarantor is around 100,000 dollars. The duration of the loan, i.e. the term over which monthly installments are to be paid, is between 6 and 60 months, as desired. The level of the interest rate is a decisive factor, it is worth comparing all offers well, because the rates fluctuate between 4 and 14 percent depending on the market situation and the bank. The amount of the monthly installment is derived from these aspects. So people without collateral also have the chance to satisfy their needs.

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