Levi’s unveils the AH / 21 Vintage collection



Levi’s Vintage Clothing Fall / Winter 2021 collection is reminiscent of rebellious American teens of the 50s and 60s. Entitled “The Shocking Truth”, the new collection is inspired by the hyper-styled posters of the B-movies for teenagers. The collection came to life through a number of jackets, pants, tops and plenty of denim.

For men and women, the collection offers a range of graphic knit tops, which feature bold geometric patterns. The collection also includes several denim trucker jackets. One of them is the Type II Long Trucker Jacket, which features an elongated body in dark blue denim. The highlight of the men’s jacket is a red satin bomber jacket with a sherpa collar, titled the Climate Seal Jacket, for an inherently 1950s twist. A cheetah-print button-down jacket complements the men’s jackets with a bold punch. .

Women’s outerwear takes shape in a few pieces that are both relaxed and sophisticated. The main women’s jacket is a black and red satin bomber jacket with a crying cat embroidered on the back, matching the Climate Seal jacket. Next, a wool duffle coat in eye-catching calla green.

The collection also revives the 1960’s 501 jeans. The 1960’s fit is cut in red selvedge denim and features a wider leg for a relaxed fit. In addition to the 501 jeans, the offer includes the 1920s ball, which is a pair of extra large jeans.

“The concept for this season is about the teen exploitation films set in Hollywood in the 50s and 60s, and how they were selling something that wasn’t there. They were advertised as crazy, wild movies, but they weren’t at all what they were meant to be, ”said Paul O’Neill, design director for Levi’s Vintage Clothing. “The posters were amazing, but the movies weren’t very exciting. So we took inspiration from the posters – the vivid images, the vivid colors and the graphics – and created a collection as if Levi’s produced the wardrobe. Everything is exaggerated and hyper-real, as if the movie posters have come to life. ”

The collection debuts Monday, September 13 in stores and on Levi’s website.

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