Local businesswoman Courtney Hill publishes vintage-style cookbook featuring family meals


“One of my favorite things to do is probably a good fruit pie,” says Courtney Hill. “But I save it for special occasions.” // Photo by Ryan Hill

As a child, Courtney Hill dreamed of having her own cooking show. She loved spending time in the kitchen and dreaming up new recipes, like a miniature Martha Stewart, without the criminal record.

For four years, Hill taught home consumer science, but although she loves teaching, she wasn’t the right fit. Her co-ownership and role as CFO at 8183 Productions allows her to run a business with her husband, but she still wanted to share her passion for cooking.

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Courtesy of Courtney Hill

After becoming a mother of twins, she decided to start her own blog: Home cooking with Courtney.

“I love eating good food, but I don’t live to cook,” Hill wrote in a post. Its goal is to teach more Americans how to cook quality, home-cooked meals for themselves and their families, but to keep the focus on relationships rather than gourmet cooking.

His next book, Homemade: The American Family Cookbook, has a similar theme, and Hill was even able to rely on one of his own family members for help. Hill’s husband, Ryan, is a photographer and was able to take some of the photos for the book in the family’s garage at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He knows what looks good,” Hill says. “I know what tastes good.”

Hill’s priority is family life, which means she tries to share her passion for cooking as much as possible. Hill even included her children in a few of her blog videos.

“My daughter loves making small foods,” says Hill. “My son likes to help out in any way. He will make pancakes on Saturday mornings from start to finish. I decided that when he was 13 they would start cooking a meal once a week.

If Hill could teach his readers one thing, it would be the meal plan. Although she loves to cook, she knows that not everyone does and that it can be time consuming. Meal planning helps maximize the use of time and groceries, which is ultimately less expensive than wasting food or eating out.

“It doesn’t have to be chef-grade food, it just needs to be real ingredients,” Hill says. “I can do a lot of my meals from start to finish in 30 minutes.”

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Photo by Ryan Hill

Although she doesn’t have her own cooking show (yet), Hill hopes to teach people to trust their own abilities and trust their instincts, like the Bob Ross of the kitchen.

“I want people to walk away thinking, ‘I could do that,'” she says.

Homemade: The American Family Cookbook is available for Pre-order from Mascot Books for $39.99.


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