Mando Monday: the return of the vintage Slave I collection



So naturally what would I do after seeing the second season of The Mandalorian? Oh, yeah that’s right, I want to buy a toy version of Boba Fett’s famous ship, the Slave I. Well, we can all arrive at 1:00 PM from the Pacific. Headliners for the last Mando Monday of the year also include the Black Series Force FX Elite Darksaber and the Black Series Boba Fett (Re-Armored) electronic helmet.

I’m always rocked to see Boba Fett on our screens again, so I’ll be lining up to get this Vintage Collection version of his ship. This is based on the The Empire Strikes Back version of Slave I however. So, in addition to the ship, you get Han Solo in Carbonite. You can buy it at Land of entertainment Or on Amazon. This is the second chance to buy it after the original sold out at Toy Fair 2020. So get them while they’re available, because who knows if they make a third round!

It has many features including: an opening cockpit, functional landing gear, separable wings and a ladder attachment. To top it off, we have the classic Kenner box art and style.

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