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Simple Retro’s new vintage collection, a cleverly curated section of the site with vintage store owners across the country.

Simple Retro announces an extension of its offer with the launch of the “Vintage Map” A digital shopping trip through the past of fashion

Vintage-Inspired Women’s Clothing Brand Partners With Vintage Retailers For Limited Edition Digital Vintage Edit

New York-based womenswear brand Simple Retro is excited to
announces an extension of its online offering with the launch of the Vintage Map – an organized edition of vintage pieces from decades past, which inspire Simple Retro collections today. The latest expansion to the Simple Retro offering will feature exclusive vintage styles available for sale, all organized in collaboration with leading vintage retailers and collectors around the world. Along with the vintage edition available in store, Simple Retro’s vintage map will also serve as a guide for vintage enthusiasts to the best vintage shops and dealers around the world.

Simple Retro’s Vintage Map is driven by the brand’s commitment to honoring fashion’s proven traditions. As a brand that celebrates vintage design and reinterprets it for today’s customer, Simple Retro hopes to serve as a destination for all vintage enthusiasts, while also raising awareness of inspiring companies that help keep fashion traditions alive. and accessible to the public. New unique pieces will be added periodically to the vintage map alongside an in-depth article on the collectors who purchased them, further highlighting the industry pioneers who have gone out of their way to preserve and carry on the le. best in fashion history.

To be a vintage collector is to be a guardian of culture for future generations. Collector collaborators highlighted through the Vintage Map are much more than mere traders; they hold the key to fashion’s past and future, providing an archive of often invaluable originals to reference again and again. The first vintage collector and dealer to be highlighted on the Simple Retro site will be Denyse Sookdar, a Connecticut-based vintage enthusiast who collects rare pieces dating as far back as the 1800s to the early 2000s. ‘one of the most impressive collections of coveted vintage clothing in the tri-state area, Denyse was selected as the first contributor to feature on the Vintage
Map, as its coins can only be purchased during limited-time events and it does not have a permanent outlet. The Simple Retro team wanted to make a selection of its carefully selected pieces available to a wider audience via this new digital platform, amplifying its voice and allowing Denyse to share his passion for vintage with enthusiasts from around the world. whole.

“For collectors and vintage enthusiasts, sourcing pieces from decades past means more than just finding clothes,” says Simple Retro’s creative director. “These pieces are time capsules of a period that cannot be duplicated. With the launch of the Vintage Map, we hope to celebrate the original unduplicated vintage pieces, by sharing their history and making them available to enthusiasts around the world, with the click of a button.

Starting in North America and then touring the world, Simple Retro will showcase clothing that has impacted style through the ages, sharing the story behind each piece as well as the collectors who have helped preserve these. rare finds for the modern shopper. Simple Retro will offer these items for sale in its New York showroom as well as on, and all sales will go directly to the collector from whom the piece was purchased.

Prices for the initial edition of Vintage Map pieces will range from $ 20 to $ 400, with new styles added regularly to the website.

About Simple Retro: With the aim of delivering new designs inspired by iconic vintage silhouettes, Simple Retro is a women-founded company launched in 2015 to bring some of the most sought-after classic styles to women around the world at an affordable price. . Seeking inspiration from decades past, Simple Retro explores the history of fashion, carefully curating design concepts that revisit the most popular style periods with each weekly capsule collection.

Simple Retro’s design philosophy focuses on creating pieces that are effortless and transcend seasonal trends, fitting perfectly into any modern wardrobe. As a women-owned brand, Simple Retro seeks to empower women universally with a deep commitment to a price-inclusive approach when creating the brand’s timeless designs.

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