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Ishan Kshirsagar with some of his creations

Pune: Handsome artist Ishan Kshirsagar has collected various vintage items from all over the country to transform them into modern lifestyle products in his effort to bring the influence of historical India architecture into modern homes.
“I studied Indian and Western architecture when I was learning to paint landscapes with artist Sachin Nair. I was fascinated by the peshwa architecture that can be seen in the city. In November 2020, I was appointed to do the interiors of a friend’s house. I wanted to give it a balance between modernity and old world charm, that’s how I got the idea to use objects from the last century and renovate them with the utilitarian element, ”said Kshirsagar, graduate of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya.
He buys vintage items, such as antique doors, window frames, key chains, brass and copper accessories, chairs and lamps, at markets like Juna Bazaar and Timber market in Pune, and its counterparts in different cities of Rajasthan and Gujarat. He also buys them from personal collectors.
“I started with key chains and lamps. I try to maintain the integrity of the article as much as possible. The only new things I use in the renovation process are nails and screws, ”he said.
The artist’s inspiration for this project comes from the lack of action to preserve century-old or older objects.
“In the early 1900s, Raja Ravi Varma’s lithographs were popular with the general public and many homes had them. As fashion changed, these lithographs were either discarded or simply given away. Only a few items such as dishes and kitchen utensils have been passed down from generation to generation, but even that has become a rarity now, ”he said.
Kshirsagar’s first project was a wall piece made from a door from the last century that is accented by brass figurines. Each item takes between one and three months to refurbish, depending on the visualization, skills and manpower required to complete the item.




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