The best storage solutions to perfectly organize and declutter your home


If you are an independent millennial who has recently moved from your family home to your own, then one major issue you may face almost every day… is space constraint! Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is space! Space constraint is something most of us face every day. Smart storage solutions can save lives in such delicate and compact situations. And to make your life easier, we’ve curated a whole collection of storage solutions that come in the form of furniture designs that, to be honest, will completely organize your home! Not only do these products comfortably store your belongings, but they’re also perfect for displaying those special items you don’t feel like locking away in a dusty cabinet. From a nifty bed with overhead storage to a tree-inspired bamboo bookcase – these innovative storage and display solutions are the additions your home needs!

1. The COBBO bed

The COBBO bed, designed for furniture manufacturer OTTO, features a simple Nordic-inspired design with solid oak legs and white storage cabinets above the sleeping area. The slightly tapered design of the bed serves two purposes, it gives the piece of furniture both visual and physical lightness, since the cupboard above the bed is significantly slimmer than the bed itself. This allowed Hilgers to use thin wooden pillars instead of metal ones, as the cabinet above the bed would not end up being too heavy. The Slim Cabinet/Shelf comes with four doors (two on each side) that open to reveal a perfectly slim nook for storing items like books, quilts, throws and cushions.

2. Wall-it

Rather than limiting what you can hang on your wall to manufacturer specifications, Wall-it lets homeowners decide where and how to hang different types of items. This modular capability is due to the power of strong magnets that not only let you decide which containers to attach, but also which cards to use. This is also where the aesthetic and decorative aspect of Wall-it comes in. The concept can accommodate more than a dozen different accessories that can be used for different types of objects, such as a hook for headphones and a box for smartphones. Users can mix and match not only the types of containers themselves, but also the colors of the board and accessories.

3. Ray of Light

Intended to remind us of what we hold most dear, Lightray merges the practicality of a light fixture with the nostalgia of a chest. Constructed as a simple lantern, the cordless fixture is defined by a ribbed glass housing, which houses the fixture’s lighting fixture. Inside, the light is warm like that given off by vintage style 40W bulbs and the ribbed glass helps to further dim it, making it an ideal nightlight for people of all ages. Jeongyeon explains, “Lightray is a light that has a plateau. It was designed inspired by a treasure chest. Put on something you like or something always with you. Even on a dark night when you can’t see anything, they shine brightly.

4. ARTIFOX Solid Wood Bench

ARTIFOX solid wood bench is an interesting piece of furniture that you can place in your living room, study or bedroom! The cool storage solution includes a scroll to store your laptop, books, magazines, and other knick-knacks. You can even place your gadgets and tech devices in the removable steel tray. It also tactfully holds all your charging cables. The storage room doubles as a bench! Created from hardwood, oak, and aluminum, you can sit on the minimal yet durable bench and enjoy a cup of coffee, read your favorite book, or chat with a loved one.

5. The stair locker

Staircases need to take into account the particular shape of the stairs, but not all stairs are created equal, so they need to be a bit more flexible or at least configurable. Given the demand for these storage solutions, they must also be durable and long-lasting. These two product design students from Nottingham Trent University in the UK hit the two birds with a sheet of plywood. The Stair Cubby, as it was dubbed, can be assembled without the use of tools, with tabs simply going into slots and held in place with dowels. The cubby is designed to sit on two stair treads, but the back panel can slide up and down to accommodate different stair heights. The storage has five open-access compartments for shoes, books, and any other items that can fit inside, keeping things organized and out of harm’s way.

6. The UNICOO Bamboo Bookcase

The UNICOO Bamboo Bookcase is an innovative tree-shaped storage shelf! The unique bookcase branches can be used to store and display your favorite books. It has nine shelves, as well as four pads to keep it from scratching the floor. Created from natural bamboo, the UNICOO bookcase is an aesthetic and minimalist storage solution that would add a calming element to any living space. Bamboo undergoes a patented fossilization process to ensure it is twice as dense as hardwood!

7. Gradient Space

The cabinet/sculpture looks like it’s cascading down the wall like a waterfall! The multi-functional design features several “gradients” that can be used in different ways. This fascinating sculpture has been equipped with plenty of storage space! Hidden cabinets in the stairs, large drawers cleverly placed under the bed and built-in storage sections under the TV all work as smart storage! In fact, you can lift the bed to reveal a small hidden storage room as well.

8. Building H

Tenement H is a modular storage system that reflects the “domestic” theme of the exhibition. Inspired by the multi-faceted facades of Bangkok’s shophouses, Tenement H offers customizable barriers ranging from scissor doors to accordion doors, shutters and railings. Constructed from aluminium, Tenement H is modular and versatile in design, allowing access to storage units from all sides and multi-functional as a semi-partition for your bedroom as well. Clad in bright optic white, scarlet red, and light blue, Tenement H’s modules mimic the color palette of Bangkok’s city shop windows. Each unit can be configured according to what your space allows – for smaller spaces Tenement H can be built vertically while larger spaces allow for a wider base.


Whether you’re a digital nomad or a remote worker, LAPOD makes it easy and comfortable to work from anywhere. The lap desk holds all accessories such as chargers, cables, portable players, without adding clutter to your ouch or side tables. The storage pod is also padded to make it comfortable when on your lap. No more balancing your laptop on your knee, flashing the battery indicator, juggling the charger and the outlet while fumbling through your bag for your headphones to take that incoming video call!

10. Tomás Alonso’s storage system

Conceived by Tomas Alonso, this wooden wall system is inspired by ‘Kamoi’. Kamoi is a wooden rail that is placed around the perimeter of rooms in Japanese homes. The minimal and flexible storage system can hold a variety of products, from personal items to kitchen utensils. It all depends on where you place the versatile storage system! The storage solution’s Japanese aesthetic adds a warm, clean element to the room it is placed in.


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