The Vintage Doll That Totally Crawled Brandi Passante in Storage Wars


Brandi Passante and Jared Schulz were one of ‘Storage Wars’ most popular pairings, even spawning their own spin-off, ‘Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job,’ which only lasted one season of eight. episodes. According an interview with Inquirer, Passante and Schulz met while working for the same company. “When Brandi and I first started dating, we were co-workers at the same rug store. Technically, I was her boss…and you weren’t supposed to do that.”

In season 8, episode 18, “Shopping and Dolls”, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz found a doll it was absolute nightmare fuel. With her peeling skin and cold, dead eyes, the doll instantly repelled Passante Endlessly, which her husband took advantage of by giving the doll a scary voice. “Brandi, I’m your friend,” Schulz said in a high pitched voice, pretending to be the doll. “Tuesday, I love you!” After finding out that, according to Dr. Toni the Doll Doctor, the doll was worth “$50 on a really good day,” Brandi opted to let her dogs use it as a chew toy.

Unfortunately, as fun as it was to watch the couple on the show, their relationship didn’t end well. The premiere of season 13, “The Santanas Come to Town” revealed that Passante and Schulz were no longer together. In a Live interview on Facebook for The Dad Diary in 2020, Passante revealed that she was raising the couple’s two children on her own. According to people Magazine, Schulz received a misdemeanor domestic violence battery charge in 2021 for allegedly being physical with Passante after they separated, which brought a once-lovely relationship to a very bitter end.

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