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Finding the perfect Hong Kong graphic t-shirt can be a real challenge. Instead of spending hours searching for a rare Mee & Gee gem, try these online retailers for that vintage-style aesthetic instead.

Gen Z has too many trends to follow, especially when it comes to fashion. With so many stylish influencers on the rise, it looks like everyone is locked in a perpetual arms race for the perfect clothes and pieces to complement their next cut photo.

Lately there has been a spike in vintage style and acid wash graphic tees. Oversized T-shirt, baggy straight jeans, with fresh kicks – AF1, Jordans, any bulky sneaker will do – and a shoulder bag… you’ve certainly seen this look on the ‘Gram. If you’re trying to jump on the wave, these sites have the best t-shirts to complement that vintage aesthetic.

The best online retailers of vintage style t-shirts and clothing

Street market supply

Street Market Supply is a must-have for making quality, vintage-style graphic t-shirts. Specializing in hip-hop since their launch not too long ago, the store has produced tracks inspired by Kanye West to the late rappers Pop Smoke and Juice WRLD.

Because their shirts have that vintage “band tee” aesthetic, they are in high demand. The store itself exists online and only opens for new drops, so you need to be quick – or they could sell out, literally, in seconds.

Check out the street market supply here.


Similar to Street Market Supply, 1of1worldwide is a smaller scale website based clothing store. Recently launched, they only have a few pieces in their archive, but they definitely meet the vibe of the vintage graphic t-shirt. 1of1worldwide’s selection goes beyond rapper-inspired shirts, as they feature simple hoodies, as well as NBA and sports-inspired graphics.

Check out 1of1worldwide here.

Boohoo / BoohooMAN

If you follow a streetwear influencer on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Boohoo or BoohooMAN. And don’t let that stop you, they really have some great vintage graphic tees. From hip-hop to anime to quirky designs, they have a wide selection of t-shirts in a variety of styles. While BoohooMAN clothing is designed for men – frankly they have more options and designs than women – I recommend women to go ahead and get an oversized shirt. I personally ordered a few parts from BoohooMAN, and I’m glad I did.

Check out BoohooMAN here.


Another favorite among Instagram influencers is CultureKings, founded in Australia. What is special about their vintage graphic t-shirts? A wide variety of models to choose from. Anime, rock bands, Strange things, basketball teams, Super Bowl teams, it goes on. Another thing I love about CultureKings is that the women’s section has more options and pieces than other similar brands. With so many choices, we don’t have to worry anymore if a men’s shirt will be too long for us.

Discover CultureKings here.

Club Giv

From tracksuits and hoodies to caps and shoulder bags, Club Giv has it all to complete your next fit. They have a wide selection of clothing, but their huge collection of vintage graphic tees really stands out. Adored by influencers around the world, Club Giv offers vibrant and exclusive designs that will fill your wardrobe. Whatever you do, you are bound to find something you like.

Discover Club Giv here.

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